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Swami Manuel

(ENGLISH) 108 MAGIC FORMULAS from the ancient, middle and modern ages, for your everyday life

(ENGLISH) 108 MAGIC FORMULAS from the ancient, middle and modern ages, for your everyday life

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Magic has always been the undervalued sister of mainstream spirituality. It is hard to find a religious or spiritual movement that accepts that magic is a fundamental pillar of its philosophy. For thousands of years, magic and magic formulas have been considered dangerous by many religious elites.
Many have tried to eliminate or adapt it, but these attempts have failed. Magic is, after all, a practice that predates any established religion. Unfortunately, thousands if not millions of books of magic formulas have been destroyed, but popular forces and beliefs have prevented them from disappearing completely.

This book is a compilation of 108 magic formulas together with an explanation of their origins and suggestions on how they can be used in modern times to achieve every imaginable noble goal. These are 108 magic formulas for everyday use, many of them extremely surprising and little known, which I hope will help you to achieve whatever you have in mind.

You are holding in your hands the magic book I have always wanted, my first great compilation of ancient magic formulas adapted to the present day, my first magic book. You are holding in your hands a great tool for doing magic.

All that remains is for me to thank the magicians who, often persecuted and hidden in their laboratories, have worked so hard to create such wonderful and unique magic formulas. Thank you for your legacy.
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