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Swami Manuel



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YOUR CELLS EMBARK ON A JOURNEY is a course presented as a book in which you will find exercises for learning to communicate with your cells. The power and simplicity of these exercises will surprise you.Through a journey to the temples of Krishna, Saraswati, Hanuman, Kali and Ganesha, we will work on five essential aspects of evolving and finding inner peace. These are your health, discovering your gifts and missions, addictions (substance abuse, smoking, drinking, food addictions and addictions to people, objects and situations), your fears and the new stage you are about to begin.Have you ever wondered what it is inside you that stops you from doing the things you want? What causes your fears? What stops you from being healthy? Why do you get caught up in addictions? What stops you from discovering and developing the gifts and missions we all have? Why do you find it so hard to turn your back on situations that are not adding anything to your life and begin a new stage? The implanted memories that reside in our cells and groups of cells are responsible for most of this. In this book I will show you how to take control of your being.I guarantee that after reading it you will make daily decisions with a different perspective and feel the power of living in harmony with your soul.

“Our inner self is a beautiful space filled with junk that others have dumped in us and doesn’t belong there. When I discovered that we don’t have to decorate this space to suit others, I started to evolve. I decided to put up a heavy door with a padlock. To my surprise, it was already there; I had just left it open.”- Swami Manuel

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